Express your individuality with a custom tattoo or permanent makeup. Each technique requires an expert in the field of tattooing. As with any invasive procedure you should always ask for a tattoo or permanent makeup artist credentials!

Tattooing and permanent cosmetic makeup is a relatively safe procedure, providing your selected artist is following the recommended safety precautions.

Things to check when selecting and artist:
Ask what training the artist has undergone and asked to certifications.
Does the artist use new needles for each procedure and do they dispose of such needles in a sharps container.
Ask to see the artist's portfolio, they should have it readily available for viewing.
Is the salon or studio clean and hygienic to the naked eye and is your artist wearing gloves.

These are just a few guidelines - remember follow your instincts, if you don't feel comfortable - leave. There are many qualified tattoo or permanent makeup artists that follow the strict guidelines of the industry.

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